How Many Ounces Are in a Wine Bottle?

If you are a wine enthusiast, the thought of knowing wine bottle ounces might have crossed your mind at one point. And to have an accurate figure of the ounces in a bottle of wine, the size of the bottle must be considered. This is because there is no one size fits all for oz in a bottle of wine. There are several wine bottles, and the quantity of the liquid in each varies from the other. That is why there is no specific figure for the ounces in a bottle of wine.

However, this article will cover all you need to know about a single bottle of wine and its different sizes. With this, you get the correct answer to how many ounces are in 750ml and other wine bottles ml.

A brief history of wine and the different types of wine

Wine has existed for thousands of years since humans developed the idea of fermenting drink (alcoholic) from fruit juices and other natural plants. The process through which this was made is wine-making which involves the pressing of grapefruits. After the fruits have been extracted, they will be left to ferment before you can take them.

When talking about the history of wine and its making, this is connected to the ancient Egypt of 2000 BC. During this era, it was made to be offered to their gods as a form of appeasement. As time went by, making wine became popular, spreading to Europe, Asia, and later North America.

The common types of wine

As wine-making becomes popular and modernity is being added to the production, different types of wine are being made. The main types of wine that are in existence are red, white, and rose wine. Each of these types of wine has properties that differentiate them from the other.

  1. Red wine: in red wine, more tannins are contained in its wine glass bottles compared to any other wine type. Red wines are darker in color and are wine that has been in existence longer than others, and a less acidic flavor is contained in them.
  2. White wine: this type of wine also contains tannins but is not up to what is in red wine. It is lighter in color and comes with a fresher taste when compared with red wine. White wine has a higher acidity level in its glass wine bottles.
  3. Rose Wine: the making of rose wine is from the blending of red and white wine, resulting in pink-colored wine. Unlike red and white wine that can be left to age, rose wine is not like that as it is meant to be served chilled.

Different sizes of wine bottles and their ounces

To get wine bottle ounces, we must look at the different sizes of the wine bottle.

Wine glass bottles do not have uniform sizes right from time. The use of glass bottles for wine started as far back as the 17th century, with the first use among Romans. As of then, the average bottle size was about half of what the blower could blow. There were changes to the bottles used by the Romans due to their perception of them. They perceived that serving wine from a heavy, two-handled amphora needed to be more inelegant and impractical.

Wine bottles have four common sizes: standard bottle size, half size, quarter size, and aluminum can.

  • Standard sizes:the standard bottle contains an ounce of 25.04 oz or 750ml bottle of wine.
  • Half, Demi, or Split: has the name of the bottle suggests, it contains half of what the standard bottle contains. You will get 12.07 wine bottle ounces or 375 ml in this bottle size.
  • Quarter: this is also known as Piccolo or Split in champagne, and its name says it all about the size. It contains a fourth of the wine of the standard wine bottle. And for the quarter, there are 6.03 wine bottle ounces or 187ml.
  • Aluminum can: this type of wine bottle is also known as the American beer can size. The wine glass bottle ounces in this type is 12 ounces or 354ml.

The wine bottle sizes mentioned above are the basic ones that are common in the wine-making industry. Aside from those mentioned, there are other different sizes too, such as the desert wines that have their bottle size in 16.09 oz or 500ml.

Is the same quantity of wine contained in different wine bottle shapes?

Due to wine being produced by different manufacturers, various shapes of wine bottles are used to brand wine. And looking at the different shapes of the wine bottle, you might be contemplating having the same quantity of wine in all the bottles. No matter the shape of the bottle of wine, as long as the wine bottle is in the standard size, you can easily know the bottle ounces. And this is because all wine bottles hold the same quantity regardless of the shape from different manufacturers. This reality extends to all types of wine bottles, notwithstanding their shape or look.

Whether the wine bottle is a Burgundian bottle, Bordelaise bottle, Alsatian bottle, etc., the amount of wine that will be contained in them is the same, which also makes their wine bottle ounces to be the same. The same goes for sommelier wine bottles and Bordeaux, which resemble their shape.

How many ml of wine can be gotten in a wine bottle?

The size of wine bottle ml used to serve customers may vary if you take your wine in a restaurant or bar. In some places, a 750ml bottle of wine is the standard, while some serve 175ml glasses. Knowing the size of glass wine bottles will help understand the minimal risk attached to drinking alcoholic wine. In a standard bottle of wine, you will get above four glasses of wine, equivalent to 175ml, a typical-strength medium glass of wine containing a unit of 2.3 alcohols.

To know how many milliliters are in a wine bottle, know that the common wine bottle sold in most wine stores and bars is the standard bottle of 750ml with 25.04 wine bottle ounces. Therefore, a standard wine bottle size is the most common, with 750 milliliters. Although, some other sizes of wine bottle gives 5 standard wine glasses which is equivalent to 5oz. In some places, the sizes of a wine bottle may be larger, with the largest that contains 18,000 milliliters of wine and a higher volume of wine bottle ounces.

What size of wine glasses should you choose?

The size of the wine bottle ounces you should go for is relative to the type of wine you intend to get. For instance, red wines are meant to be taken or served in stemmed glasses. However, white wines are more suitable to be served in flutes. For sparkling wines, champagne glasses are reserved for such. Standard wine glass bottles usually contain between five to six wine bottle ounces. If you are considering the size of glass wine bottles for an event that will hold many people, to know the size to go for, you will have to multiply 5-6 ounces in a bottle of wine by the number of guests you are expecting at the event.

What is a serving size of wine?

The typical size of serving wine is in a glass. Although, there may be variation based on the type of wine that is being served. When serving, red wine glasses contain about 8 to 22 wine bottle ounces in them, while 8 to 12 ounces are contained in white wine. However, their standard pour-in ounces for red and white wine is 5. Therefore, the size of the glass of wine does not count, but the ounces it contains. In this case, in 750ml, how many ounces? If you order a bottle of wine in a restaurant, the standard pour you will get is six wine bottle ounces, giving you four glasses of wine in approximation.


What a wine bottle holds depends majorly on the size of the wine bottle. And different wine sizes give different wine bottle ounces or wine bottle ml. The information provided in a standard bottle of wine will guide you with the glasses of wine you will get. If you are planning for a big occasion that demands you get more wine, you should first decide on the type of wine you want to use for your party. Then, calculate the ounces in a glass of wine which is 5-6, with the number of your guest you are expecting.

In all, there are 25.04 wine bottle ounces in the most common standard bottle of 750 ml bottle of wine size, and this will also give you five standard wine glasses that contain 5 ounces. However, there are bigger sizes of wine bottles with larger ounces too.

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